Relaxing - Insomnia, anti-depressant


Relaxing is a natural herbal infusion tea,  especially selected and mixed to give you, calmness, relaxation and ease of sleep.

It can also help to reduce  your daily stress and anxiety levels.

Relaxing with its ancient remedy formula is a great relief for depression and it has impressive record for calming effects.

Relaxing natural infusion tea also nourishes the heart and relaxes the mind and body.

Relaxing infusion tea is your best solution for leading a free stress life.



Relaxing is a supplement bed time tea with an aromatic taste of bitter orange blossoms, mixed with calming chamomile and topped up with fragrant rose petals. These herbs have been specifically selected and mixed to give you that hidden ancient remedy for the best possible results and taste.


How to make

Put a pinch of relaxing Rumi herbal infusion tea in a strainer, place it in a cup and add boiling water and cover for 5-7 minutes.

Can be served with honey if required.

Specific herbal products are safe for usage, but we recommend consultation with health care practitioner or herbalist  before using any herbal products.


40g Each bag serves 30 cups

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