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Rumi Herbal Tea LTD was formed in 2018, by Hengameh Rasti, an acupuncturist and a Chinese Medicine practitioner

For thousands of years people of all nations and continents have gathered enormous expertise and remedies to help them throughout most common ailments and build their immunity system to prevent common diseases. 

We at Rumi Herbal Tea, have put together a series of herbal infusions using these expertise to help you build up your immune system and fight against most common disorders.

By gathering the best known herbs from different corner of the world and using ancient remedies we can offer you the best of products and tastes.

Our brand of Rumi, have been expertly selected, hand picked and mixed using last longing ancient remedies and the best herbal tea brand in the market.

The herbal tea ingredients which we use in our products and the way we prepare our infusions have been specially designed and studied to achieve the best possible result ever.



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