Mint is an aromatic, tasty herb which retains its flavour even when its dried. These aromatic herbs which are also called spearmint and peppermint are leaves of perennial herbs, which can be used either fresh or dried.

Mint is a refreshing and mellow with delightfully pungent taste.

Mint is a magical herbs which can be used in cooking, additives to beverages as well as making an extraordinary refreshing drink.

Mint has many therapeutic effects, such as ability to relieve wind, flatulence and bloating. 

This great herb does magic for digestive system. It can also help with nausea and soothed irritated bowels. 

Mint tea can also help with chest coughs,and it makes a great evening drink.


How to make 

Put a pinch of rumi dried mint in a strainer, place it in a cup, add boiling water and cover for 5-7 minutes. 

It can be served with honey if required

Specific herbal products are safe for usage, but we recommend consultation with health care practitioner or herbalist  before using any herbal products.


Rumi herbal tea

Please note, our herbs are AIR DRIED in the sun in order to preserve their natural goodness as well as preventing discoloring and Browning.

These are loose petals with occasional bud, as pictured. These are natural products and there May be variations in colour or scents from batch to batch.


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