Dried barberry

This magical aromatic small rounded fruit use in persian cousins is similar to dried cranberry, it is commonly used pairing with saffron to add to rice or used as stuffing. 

Wash and soak barberries for a few minutes, drain and saute in a little oil till they pop and swell, you can top up your cooked rice to make it more colourful and delicious or add other spices like raisins and cardamom and saffron to use as stuffing in chicken or quail. 

Rumi barberries have been sourced from best quality suppliers.


Specific herbal products are safe for usage, but we recommend consultation with health care practitioner or herbalist  before using any herbal products.

Rumi herbal tea

Please note, our herbs are AIR DRIED in the sun in order to preserve their natural goodness as well as preventing discoloring and Browning.

These are loose petals with occasional bud, as pictured. These are natural products and there May be variations in colour or scents from batch to batch.

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