Borage Herbal Tea



This is the best of the best, king of kings, the magical loose natural herb known for its mystic effects on cold and flu.

Rumi nature borage, has been sourced from best quality suppliers across the world to give you that delicious taste as well as healthy remedies it contains.

Rumi natural borage can help with nervous system and calm you down, making it a great evening tea after a hard working day.

Rumi loose dried borage leaves are known for their relaxing properties and nourishing the kidneys.


How to make

Place a pinch of rumi borage leaves in a strainer,  place it in a cup, add boiling water and cover for 5-7 minutes

Can be served with honey if required.



Specific herbal products are safe for usage, but we recommend consultation with health care practitioner or herbalist  before using any herbal products.


Please note, our herbs are AIR DRIED in the sun in order to preserve their natural goodness as well as preventing discoloring and Browning.

These are loose petals with occasional bud, as pictured. These are natural products and there May be variations in colour or scents from batch to batch.

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